Thin Client / Multi Seat Computing

Thin clients are computing devices that function as an access device on a network. These solid-state devices connect over a network to a server where the bulk of the processing takes place. Thin clients have no hard drive, allowing for more secure storage of data and applications on the server. In fact, keystrokes, mouse events and screen images are all that is sent between the client and server. This makes the device much more secure than a standard desktop or notebook computer.

With no hard drive, fan or other moving parts, thin clients have a much longer lifespan than standard computers and use significantly less power. Lower maintenance costs are another benefit as software application updates, virus scanning and patches can be executed on the server. Deployment costs are also reduced as thin clients can be remotely configured and do not need to be set up individually. Break-fix simply requires replacing the thin client.

  • ~ Desktop replacement costs
  • ~ Network security
  • ~ Data access to mobile or remote workers
  • ~ Supporting application software on diverse hardware, or
  • ~ Ensuring your data remains accessible and secure

Thin clients are ideal solution for today's healthcare, industrial, retail, financial and education industries offering a number of benefits to your business.

  • # Enhanced security
  • # Easier manageability
  • # High reliability
  • # Increased energy efficiency
  • # Lower total cost of ownership

The increased security, reliability and ease of management contribute to a lower total cost of ownership for your computing devices. With a longer useful lifespan, thin clients contribute to cost savings.

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